Eduphoria Aware Training Resources

Several great resources have been created for Eduphoria Aware. Below is a list of resources available on the SAPI (www.sapiacademies.org) webpage. 

Aware: Basics for Teachers

Aware: Creating Tests

Aware: Printing, Scanning, Online Assessments

Aware: Views

Aware: Data Analysis & Analyze Tab

Aware: Student Forms & Inventories

Aware: End of Year Activities

Aware: Admin Resources

Aware: Downloading STAAR Scores & Uploading to Aware

Eduphoria Forethought Rollout

Several great resources have been created for our staff as we introduce Eduphoria Forethought to teachers across the organization.  Below is a list of resources available on SAPI (www.sapiacademies.org) webpage and the order in which we recommend teachers view this material.

Why Forethought:  Basic Purpose and Understanding of Forethought

1. Purpose & Brief Introduction of Eduphoria Forethought

Accessing District Curriculum & Resources: District Curriculum at a Glance

2. District Scope and Sequence with Resources

Getting Started:  My Lesson Planner Set Up Secondary

3. Edit Your Eduphoria Profile
4. Set Up My Planner
5. Edit My Schedule
6. Mirror a Course
7. Copy & Paste Function
8. My Schedules Don’t Match!
9. Link a Course to Aware
10. Navigate My Planner Views
11. Forethought Sub Notes

Lesson Planning:  Entering Lesson Plans

12. My Lesson Planner Components
13. Writing a Lesson Plan
14. Add or Remove TEKS in a Lesson
15. Insert Instructional Resources
16. Copy Wizard:  Copy Content
17. “Send Lesson To” Button
18. Print Lesson Plans
19. Edit a Mirrored Course

Sharing Lessons:  Share My Planner

20. Rules for Sharing My Planner
21. Share My Planner
22. Unshare My Planner
23. Copy Plans by Week from a Team or Shared Planner

Team Planning:  Team Planners

24. Rules for Team Planners
25. Create a Team Planner
26. “Check Out” to Edit a Team Planner
27. Delete a Team Planner

My Activities:  Publishing Activities

28. Publish My Activity
29. Create an Activity via My Activities Tab
30. Delete an Activity

Forethought for Special Population Teachers

31. Inclusion Support in Forethought

Forethought for Administrators

32. Organize Standards Into Units 
33. Admin:  View Lesson Plans
34. Admin:  Add Comments to Teacher Lesson Plans
35. Admin:  Lesson Plan Status Report
36. Admin:  Learning Standards Coverage Report
37. Admin:  Print Lesson Plans


Eduphoria Strive Training Resources

Information & Updates

Strive for Teachers/Users

Strive for Principals

Eduphoria is launching Strive on June 27, 2017.  Strive replaces the Appraise application and Workshop application and merges professional development and appraisal systems together.  Check back often to see new updates to Strive resource page.

Eduphoria Formspace Training Resources

Formspace: General Information

Formspace: Building Forms

Formspace: Creating Surveys

Formspace: End User Submitting forms & Surveys

Formspace: Documents

Formspace: Reports

Formspace: Management

Eduphoria Management Training Resources

Several great resources have been created for Eduphoria Management. Below is a list of resources available on the SAPI (www.sapiacademies.org) webpage.  

Technical Requirements

System Management

End-of-School-Year Procedures