Progressive Disciplinary Policy Implementation Guidelines for Open Enrollment Charter Schools

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Except for sexual harassment complaints where the supervisor is the subject of the complaint, all employees shall first bring their work-related complaints or concerns in writing to the Academy Director or immediate supervisor within 15 days of the day the employee knew of or should have known of the complaint. 

The Academy Director or supervisor shall hold a conference within seven days and respond to the complaint within seven days after the conference. Complaints or concerns which are not resolved at this level or within the required time may be brought to the attention of the Superintendent/CEO or his/her designee within seven days of the day of the level one response deadline. The complaint or concern addressed to the Superintendent/CEO must be in writing, must be specific, and where possible, suggest a resolution. The Superintendent/CEO or designee shall hold a conference within ten days of receipt of the written complaint and shall attempt to respond to all written complaints or concerns within the seven days of the conference. 

Employees who are dissatisfied with the response of the Superintendent/CEO or his designee may request to place the matter on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled Student Alternatives Program, Inc. (SAPI) Board of Directors meeting. The request must be in writing and must be filed within seven days of the receipt of a response from the Superintendent/CEO or his designee, or if no response, within seven days of the response deadline. The request shall be directed to the Chair of the Board of Directors, shall include a copy of the written complaint to the Superintendent/CEO, and the Superintendent/CEO’s response. A copy of the complaint shall also be delivered to the Superintendent/CEO. 

Any action of the Board of Directors regarding the complaint shall be taken in compliance with the Open Meetings Act. The Board will consider the complaint and take whatever action it deems appropriate, including not responding or taking any action. A lack of response by the Board upholds the Superintendent/CEO’s or designee’s decision at level two.